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Then the Emperess asked them, Whether by their sensitive perceptions they could observe the interior corporeal, figurative motions both of Vegetables and Minerals? They answer'd, That their senses could perceive them after they were produced, but not before; Nevertheless, said they, although the interior, figurative motions of natural Creatures are not subject to the exterior, animal, sensitive perceptions, yet by their rational perception they may judg of them, and of their productions if they be regular: Whereupon the Emperess commanded the Bear-men to lend them some of their best Microscopes; at which the Bear-men smilingly answered her Majesty, that their Glasses would do them but little service in the bowels of the Earth, because there was no light; for, said they, our Glasses do onely represent exterior objects, according to the various reflections and positions of light; and wheresoever light is wanting, the glasses wil do no good. To which the Worm-men replied, that although they could not say much of refractions, reflections, inflections, and the like; yet were they not blind, even in the bowels of the Earth; for they could see the several sorts of Minerals, as also minute Animals, that lived there, which minute animal Creatures were not blind neither, but had some kind of sensitive perception that was as serviceable to them, as sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, &c. was to other animal Creatures: By which it is evident, That Nature has been as bountiful to those Creatures that live under ground, or in the bowels of the Earth, as to those that live upon the surface of the Earth, or in the Air, or in Water. But howsoever, proceeded the Worm-men, although there is light in the bowels of the Earth, yet your Microscopes will do but little good there, by reason those Creatures that live under ground have not such an optick sense as those that live on the surface of the Earth: wherefore, unless you had such glasses as are proper for their perception, your Microscopes will not be any ways advantagious to them. The Emperess seem'd well pleased with this answer of the Worm-men; and asked them further, whether Minerals and all other Creatures within the Earth, were colourless? At which question they could not forbear laughing; and when the Emperess asked the reason why they laught; We most humbly beg your Majesties pardon, replied they; for we could not chuse but laugh, when we heard of a colourless body. Why, said the Emperess, colour is onely an accident, which is an immaterial thing, and has no being of it self, but in an other body. Those, replied they, that informed your Majesty thus, surely their rational motions were very irregular; For how is it possible, that a natural nothing can have a being in Nature? If it be no substance, it cannot have a being, and if no being, it is nothing; Wherefore the distinction between subsisting of it self, and subsisting in another body, is a meer nicety, and non-sense; for there is nothing in Nature that can subsist of, or by it self, (I mean singly) by reason all parts of Nature are composed in one body, and though they may be infinitely divided, commixed and changed in their particulars, yet in general, parts cannot be separated from parts as long as Nature lasts; nay, we might as probably affirm, that Infinite Nature would be as soon destroyed, as that one Atome could perish; and therefore your Majesty may firmly believe, that there is no body without colour, nor no colour without body; for colour, figure, place, magnitude and body, are all but one thing, without any separation or abstraction from each other.