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At the break of Day, the Emperess commanded those Lights to be put out, and then the Naval Forces of the Enemy perceived nothing but a Number of Ships without Sails, Guns, Arms, and other Instruments of War; which Ships seemed to swim of themselves, without any help or assistance: which sight put them into a great amaze; neither could they perceive that those Ships were of Gold, by reason the Emperess had caused them all to be coloured black, or with a dark colour; so that the natural colour of the Gold could not be perceived through the artificial colour of the paint, no not by the best Telescopes. All which put the Enemies Fleet into such a fright at night, and to such wonder in the morning, or at day time, that they knew not what to judg or make of them; for they knew neither what Ships they were, nor what Party they belonged to, insomuch that they had no power to stir.