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At last the Emperess arrived into the Blazing World, and coming to her Imperial Palace, you may sooner imagine than expect that I should express the joy which the Emperor had at her safe return; for he loved her beyond his Soul; and there was no love lost, for the Emperess equal'd his Affection with no less love to him. After the time of rejoicing with each other, the Duchess's Soul begg'd leave to return to her Noble Lord; but the Emperor desir'd, That before she departed, she would see how he had employed his time in the Emperess's absence; for he had built Stables and Riding-Houses, and desired to have Horses of Manage, such as, according to the Emperess's Relation, the Duke of Newcastle had: The Emperor enquired of the Duchess, the Form and Structure of her Lord and Husbands Stables and Riding-House. The Duchess answer'd his Majesty, That they were but plain and ordinary; but said she, had my Lord Wealth, I am sure he would not spare it, in rendering his Buildings as Noble as could be made. Hereupon the Emperor shew'd the Duchess the Stables he had built, which were most stately and magnificent; among the rest there was one double Stable that held a hundred Horses on a side, the main Building was of Gold, lined with several sorts of precious Materials; the roof was Arched with Agats, the sides of the Walls were lined with Cornelian, the Floor was paved with Amber, the Mangers were Mother of Pearl, the Pillars, as also the middle Isle or Walk of the Stables, were of Crystal; the Front and Gate was of Turquois, most neatly cut and carved. The riding-house was lined with Saphirs, Topases, and the like; the Floor was all of Golden-sand, so finely sifted, that it was extreamly soft, and not in the least hurtful to the Horses feet, and the Door and Frontispiece was of Emeralds, curiously carved.